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Afarak is a growing global organization that supplies world leading companies with speciality alloys.  Operating from mines and plants across South Africa, Turkey and Germany; Afarak is a vertically-integrated producer of specialist and critical alloys.

The production units are supported by administrative offices in London, Helsinki and Malta.  It sells its products across the globe through Afarak Trading, a dedicated sales & marketing company.  Afarak today proudly supplies world leading brands in the automotive, aerospace nuclear, and luxury consumer good sectors with its alloys.

Afarak is committed to a Zero-Harm policy.

In all its operations, Afarak is committed to a Zero-Harm policy and has placed health & safety at the core of its working programme.

The company is a firm believer in technology and is engaged in numerous investment projects including the shaking-tables project which will lead to increased production efficiencies.

Afarak is also committed to increased and creating value for the local communities that host its operations and is investing in a number of CSR initiatives.

The company is currently listed on both the NASDAQ OXR Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.