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Community initiatives

We continue to support local communities with various assistance programs that are of a social and educational nature. Afarak is supporting 9 orphans who are currently residing at Jade House.  The House was built as a place of safety for orphans and offers foster care to these children. Afarak has several projects at Rietvallei particularly directed towards the Patrick Masego Primary school.  Through Afarak’s support, the school also has an extensive garden which is used to farm vegetables and fruits which are then used as part of the feeding scheme that the school operates.  The Patrick Masego primary school provides a daily meal to close to 2,000 children including weekends and holiday periods.  Afarak supports 5 day-care centres in the Rietvallei area and provides daily meals to 155 children.  The day-care centres are the following; Thembelihle, Ntlanta, Wise Girl, Little Achievers and Busy Bee.  Similar schemes are also run in conjunction with Magda Fourie at the Paardekraal and Millenium Primary schools. Afarak supports a Centre in Krugersdorp that provides shelter for abused women and children.  The Centre can hold up to 40 families.

“We currently house about 9 children but the house can take approximately thirteen. Since Afarak Mogale has been involved in our house we have seen an increase in project maintenance, the upkeep of the house has improved drastically. There’s been a lot of social interaction between us and the children, there’s been a general higher standard that wasn’t there before. Thank you so much for your generosity and thanks for being part of this journey with us.”

Belinda KotzeHouse of Jade


Throughout the years, we have helped our local communities with their infrastructural requirements. This year, we have concluded various investments including a road project that will improve connectivity between a local community and a school. This road is also expected to bring additional benefits to the community.

“We are currently involved in the road project in the area of Macacala which is being sponsored by Afarak. It is a great satisfaction to see the people from the community so happy with this project that Afarak is supporting.”

Andrew NyagawaSite Manager Paragon Deep Road Project

Local enterprises

We work closely with local enterprises and support their development. For example, in mining we are coaching local contractors from our host community to develop their business. Also, we have supported a local tree nursery company and we have decided to procure all trees for the land rehabilitation project.

“PGL is a 100 per cent black owned mine and we are grateful to Afarak for the opportunity they have given us to learn how to do mining and how to train us. Through this support, we have grown our company.”

Dr Phindi ThabethePGL