You may report your concern or complaint about dishonest or illegal activities in relation to Afarak Group Plc’s accounting, internal controls, auditing or any other matters to the Audit Committee.

A complaint, concern, or other communication may be made either:

By email to the Company Secretary:

By mail to the address of:
General Counsel / Complaint
Afarak Group Plc
Unioninkatu 20-22
00130 Helsinki

Each complaint or concern is received by the General Counsel. You may report your concern anonymously or confidentially. However, if you wish to receive an answer please include your contact details.

Afarak Group Plc will ensure that there will be no adverse work-related consequences to an employee as a result of the employee bringing a good-faith complaint regarding accounting or auditing matters at Afarak Group Plc.

Afarak Group Whistle blowing Policy

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