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Adding value to our stakeholders

Afarak remains focused on its goal to create value to all its stakeholders. Guided by this overarching goal, our strategy is geared towards leveraging long-term growth opportunities.  It is this orientation that guides our short to medium term strategy and action plans.

Over the past few years, Afarak has invested heavily in its internal capacity to deliver. We invested in our people, in technology, processes and systems.

Today, we are delivering on our promise and we will continue to do so.

Margin protection

Afarak has managed to protect its margin by becoming a leading speciality alloy producer. Our focus on offering speciality products allows us to maximise our margins.

Operational efficiency

We aim to streamline our processes and systems in order to reap economies of scale thus reducing our operational expenditure.

Strategic investments

Through a strategic investment programme, we continue to develop and implement new technologies to support our long-term strategy and goals.


Afarak strives to achieve ‘Zero Harm’ at all of its operations and to provide its employees and contractors with a safe and healthy environment in which to work, develop and grow.

Sustained growth

Our industry insight and knowledge ensure that we have a pipeline of opportunities and projects to pursue and to sustain our growth.

Local community development

Afarak seeks to make positive contributions to the local communities in which it operates and to build long-term relationships to underpin the sustainability of its business.