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Management Team

The Group’s Executive Management Team (“EMT”) assists the Group CEO in effectively accomplishing his duties. The EMT is an advisory body which was set up by the Board of Directors in November 2009. It has neither authority, based on laws or the Articles of Association, nor any independent decision-making rights. Decisions on matters discussed by the EMT are taken by the CEO, the EMT member responsible for the matter in question or the Group’s Board of Directors, as appropriate.

Guy Konsbruck

Chief Executive Officer

Guy Konsbruck was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Afarak on 15 January 2017. He has previously served as an Executive Vice-President of MFC Industrial since 2014. Before that he served as CEO of FESIL's global sales companies and was also the co-founder of Luxalloys. Mr Konsbruck was appointed to the Board during the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 5th February 2018.