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Afarak understands that sustainability is critical to any business and industry. We want to proceed in the right way at all levels of our business.

Our employees’ safety is our top priority. It comes before anything else and we do not take any shortcuts.  In this regard, we are constantly focusing on improving the health and well-being of our co-workers and care for the communities around our operation facilities. As a primary sector company, we feel committed to gradually minimising our ecological footprint.

The communities that host our operations are important stakeholders and we are proud of the reputation that we have built in the years of our co-operation.

Health & Safety

Afarak strives to achieve what we call “Zero Harm Policy” at all levels of our operations and to provide its employees and contractors a safe and healthy work environment.

Afarak holds regular Board committees dedicated to health and safety with the aim of integrating the Group operations to address the social, environmental, health and safety position of all stakeholders.

We are improving the conditions for our employees by providing a safe working environment as well as tackling important health issues such as HIV/AIDS (especially in South African operations). Along with safety, health is a top priority for Afarak. By providing healthcare to our co-workers, we can actively contribute to their long-term well-being. In our factories we assess, monitor and control the risks to our workers.

Afarak believes that with strong leadership on safety at its production sites, it can create and maintain safe workplaces for everyone.

The environment

Water management

Water is a shared and limited resource. We aim to preserve water sources, manage and recycle our use of water whilst providing access to clean water.

Waste management

We intend to minimise the waste our activity produces. Our mining activity generates tailings which we recycle through our beneficiation processes.

Land rehabilitation

We aim to manage our land responsibly throughout the lifecycle of our assets. To this end, we are working on projects to rehabilitate mines we currently work in


Our activity carries an influence on air quality and CO2 emissions. In South Africa, we have installed and commissioned a 2.8 MW heat recovery unit in Mogale.